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Ungarn-Jahrbuch. Zeitschrift für interdisziplinäre Hungarologie

In about 50 reviews annually the "Hungary Yearbook" reviews works of Hungarian and non-Hungarian authors on the history, culture, politics, society and economy of Hungary.

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Ungarn-Jahrbuch [Hungary Yearbook] wants to publish texts of Hungarian and non-Hungarian authors on the history, culture, policy, society and economy of Hungary and areas related with Hungary to make them available to an international scholarly audience. The texts can be written in German or in another Western language. This way, it wants to promote the international co-operation between the various branches of the interdisciplinary regional science Hungarian studies. The journal ranges chronologically from the Middle Ages to the Present. Ungarn-Jahrbuch consists (according to the types of submitted texts) of the sections “Essays”,“Research reports”,“Notifications”, “Presentations”,“Reviews” and “Chronicle”.

  • Editor
    Zsolt K. Lengyel
  • Publisher
    Verlag Ungarisches Institut
  • ISSN
    0082–755X (journal number)
  • ISBN
    978-3-929906- (book number)
  • Publication Frequency


Editorial team

Zsolt K. Lengyel
with Florian Bucher, Krisztina Busa, Ralf Thomas Göllner and Mihai Márton


Ungarisches Institut
Landshuter Strasse 4
93047 Regensburg

Phone +49 (0)941 / 943-5440
Fax +49 (0)941 / 943-5441




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31 (2011-2013)

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