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Il Mestiere di Storico

Since 2000 "The Historian's Craft" annually publishes about 400 reviews on current publications on modern and contemporary history (main focus on Italy and books translated into Italian).

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Il Mestiere di Storico [The Historian's Craft] is the biannual journal of the Italian Society for the Study of Modern and Contemporary History ( The journal fosters a dialogue between Italian and international scholarship and informs on Italian and international historical literature. Each issue contains between 150 and 170 short reviews of recently published books on Italian modern and contemporary history, and on any area of modern and contemporary history as long as they are translated into Italian. It also includes a certain number of in-depth feature reviews covering between 10 and 20 recently published books. It also publishes, in the first issue of the year, reviews of museums, exhibits, films, serials and novels of historical subject, and, in the second issue, a survey of the periodical literature. The journal covers all areas of Italian and world history (19th-20th century).

  • Editors
    Società Italiana per lo Studio della Storia Contemporanea / Adriano Roccucci
  • Editorial Board
    Salvatore Adorno, Riccardo Brizzi, Maria Pia Casalena, Massimo De Giuseppe, Mario Del Pero, Andrea D'Onofrio, Eros Francescangeli, Alessio Gagliardi, Domenica La Banca (Editorial office), Arturo Marzano, Catia Papa, Paola Pizzo, Andrea Ricciardi, Adriano Roccucci
  • Publisher
    Viella, Rome
  • ISSN
  • Publication Frequency
    twice a year (May and November)


Editorial office

«Il mestiere di storico»
c/o Viella s.r.l.
Via delle Alpi, 32
00198 Rome


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